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Not impressed with DOC

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**A buddy and I attempted DOC yesterday, right here is my report:** Background: I’m a slightly skilled psychedelic person, however not likely into stimulants (until you rely caffeine). We every took a single 2.5mg tablet, together with 900mg of phenibut. The plan was to set an alarm for 7:00AM after which return to mattress to be able to sleep by way of the very lengthy onset delay. The concept right here was to start out as early as attainable in order to not fuck up our sleep greater than we’ve to. I hoped to sleep in till 10 or so, however…it did not work out that method. I dropped at 7 and went again to sleep for a bit. I awakened about an hour later feeling QUITE awake – stressed, kinda squirmy. Clearly the stimulant results have been hitting already and sleep time is unquestionably over. The stimulant results proceed to construct over the subsequent few hours. Some small a part of me was nonetheless feeling drained, however the DOC was insistent that I stand up and go do…one thing. Not a lot psychedelic results in any respect but – possibly shadows wanting a bit bizarre, however feeling like I had like 7 cups of espresso. Tweaking a bit, however nonetheless underneath management. A combination of enjoyable stimulated emotions and stressed uncomfortable stimulated emotions. Many hours later – possibly 1:00PM I began noticing some extra psychedelic visible results. They have been comparatively minor although, a lot lower than you would possibly anticipate from a single tab of acid. There have been another extra delicate psychedelic results taking place as properly – elevated temper, extra openness, higher conversations with mates. Total good, however not the next-level insane visuals I hoped for. The day went on for…rather a lot longer. We went mountaineering, which felt good. Listened to music rather a lot (which was higher than baseline, however much less particular than some other psychedelic I’ve tried). Frolicked, and many others. The height by no means obtained extra intense and the stimulant results didn’t ever let up. I had an exquisite time hanging out with of us that I beloved, however assume I’d have simply had extra enjoyable on acid or moxy or 2cb-fly or… any variety of different compounds. Individuals headed dwelling / went to mattress round 1AM. At this level I used to be experiencing zero psychedelic results however nonetheless UNREASONBLY AWAKE. I am getting fairly weary of feeling pointlessly amped up and never having fun with the muscle rigidity that comes with it. Took a cocktail of benzos, muscle relaxants, and melatonin to attempt to wind down and fall asleep. This finally labored, and I fell asleep at possibly 3:30AM. Oh, and my good friend that took the identical dose? He felt NO EFFECTS WHATSOEVER! **Backside line:** DOC is like taking a half a tab of acid and likewise ingesting waaaay an excessive amount of espresso. If you wish to tweak for like 20 hours, DOC is perhaps the drug for you. For those who’re in search of attention-grabbing psychedelic experiences, completely not value it. My understanding is that the psychedelic results get extra attention-grabbing at larger doses, however I am simply not keen to pay the fee in disagreeable and probably harmful ranges of stimulation to get there.